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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Basics Course

    2. Rules of the Road

    3. Tell us a little bit about yourself

    4. Make Align feel like you!

    1. Introduction to My Dashboard

    2. Personal Update Hub

    3. Data Dashboard

    4. Guided Activity: Customize your “My Dashboard”

    5. KPI Overview

    6. Critical Numbers Overview

    7. Guided Activity: Setting Up & Updating a KPI Card

    1. Introduction to Priorities

    2. 3 Types of Priority Success Metrics

    3. Guided Activity: Numeric Priority

    4. Guided Activity: Task Driven Priority

    5. Guided Activity: Rollup Priority

    1. Introduction to Huddles

    2. Huddle Best Practices

    3. Anatomy of a Huddle

    4. Guided Activity: Make a Huddle Update

    1. Now what?

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